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At Marisa USA, we carry an extensive selection of adapters and fittings for all of your hydraulic, pneumatic, water, fuel and petroleum needs.


We offer all types of steel fittings, adapters and couplers from leading manufacturers Eaton, Brennan, Tompkins, World Wide and Dixon for JIC, O-Ring Face, O-Ring Boss, Pipe, Metric and British threads. (Stainless steel fittings available upon request)


We also stock a vast variety of brass fittings and adapters ranging from pipe, SAE, and hydrant to DOT approved air brake fittings.

Pressure Washer

From trigger guns to wands, couplers (available in stainless steel), and nozzles, we have all of the fittings needed to serve your mobile wash needs.

Black Pipe

Nipples, tees, elbows, couplers, caps, plugs, unions, bushings and bell reducers are all available.

Transfer Pumps

Fill-Rite 12v transfer pumps in stock


Nozzles (gasoline and diesel), swivels, break away swivels.

Cam Locks

¾” – 4” part A thru F , caps and dust plugs available.


Duro, Reel Craft, and Lincoln

Air Fittings

Automotive (Tru-Flate) and Industrial couplers and plugs. Universal and Milton fittings also available.

Safety Glasses

Edge Eyewear safety glasses are available in polarized and non-polarized styles.


Ball (also available in stainless steel and high pressure), check, butterfly, flow control and gate.


Worm gear, t-bolt, constant torque, liner, Stauff and “p” clamps available.



Glycerin and dry gauges available in vast ranges in bottom and back mount.


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With our vast resources all throughout the country as well our parent store in Mexico City, we can get exactly what you need quickly and efficiently. Just fill out this form and one of our experienced staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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